Accorey Consulting started in 2015, as a way for me to spend time on my passion at the time – graphic design. I started with making brochures, programs, menus, or basically any printed item you’d need for an event. This eventually led people to ask me to start designing other things for them. Enter in where things really got fun: I started designing logos for startups. Looking back, this was one of my absolute favorite things I’ve done in my life so far. There’s something just so rewarding about helping an entrepreneur or small business owner take such a big step in their business. Two logo examples I created are on the right – one for my own small business of Rocca Fitness & Nutrition and the other for a small barbershop in Dallas.

Over time, clients were starting to access for more help than just logo design. This originally expanded to¬†branding advice then to financial consulting (given my financial analysis experience) and then all around business consulting. Now, Accorey Consulting is my way of giving back, by helping female entrepreneurs and business owners execute their innovative ideas, by giving them the tools they need to start, grow, and sustain their businesses. As you can see on the “Packages” page, no idea, innovation, or business is 1-size-fits-all. Working with me, I help to make sure you have the resources you need to ensure your business is not only ready to launch, but to be successful. This is true from the advice I offer, the workbooks I give you, and even down to the name I chose for my consulting business!

There are so many names you can choose when you’re starting your business, and choosing Accorey was no small decision, although it may seem like it. Accorey is a combination of my maiden and married name: YERVES and ROCCAPRIORE. Not very surprisingly, the “Yer” in Yerves means “your”, while the “Rocca” of Roccapriore means “rock.” Both of these pieces played a big role in my decision to choose Accorey as my business’ name… When I got married one of the most difficult things for me was accepting that I was taking on a new identity – I wanted to honor who I was up to that point and who I would continue to be. The same is true about taking the leap to starting your own business. You’re choosing to make a huge change, combining what you know and who you’ve been up to this point with the new entrepreneurial goal of yours. My goal, as your coach and consultant, is to be your rock on your entrepreneurial journey. You have the brilliant ideas, I’m just helping give you the foundation to make them possible.